Ms. Blanka Mooney

Ms. Blanka Mooney is a Serbian born US citizen and a senior year undergraduate student graduating in December, 2010 with a degree in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu.

"Growing up in Serbia I faced the tragic events of the war and the experiences have been following me in a way that I became a very compassionate person towards people in need. I also became interested in international affairs while taking courses from my university and by meeting so many different people with different backgrounds.

Previously I acted as a senator for my university's largest student government body organization and interned with the Hawaii State Congress for the Majority House Leader's Office as a legislative aide.

Aside from being an IIMSAM Youth Delegate I am also am interning for an immigration organization where I am assisting committees to develop leadership, build alliances and create opportunities for civic engagement in the community.

My interest with IIMSAM comes from compassion to those who are less fortunate. By being an IIMSAM Youth Delegate I expect to grow both professionally and personally."

Alexandra Bonvalot

Alexandra Bonvalot, IIMSAM Youth Delegate Summer 2010, a native of France joins the organisation as part of the implementation of the Resolution No. 62/126 adopted by the UN General Assembly on policies and programmes involving youth. She would focus her branding skill-set on resource generation outreach and for the awareness development on behalf of IIMSAM and branding the IIMSAM name in the French Republic.

She will also accompany the IIMSAM Delegation to Amman, Jordan where she will be assisting the IIMSAM 2ND Annual International Summit is beign held under the patronage of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan`s Princess H.R.H. Princess Basma Bint Talal.

Mr. Adriel V. Garib

Mr. Adriel V. Garib is a U.S. national of Dominican descent who is currently attending Mercy College in the Bronx. He will be receiving his degree this December, 2010 in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Adriel is of Dominican and Lebanese descent, and he recently had the privilege of becoming a Dominican citizen in September of 2009. His future plans are to attendgraduate school to obtain a Masters Degree in Criminal Law with the possibility of furthering his educational career in law school.

He has joined IIMSAM so that he can further his knowledge and world view. He looks forward to working towards a universally shared goal of eradicating world hunger.

Ms. Ashley Zeik

Ms. Ashley Zeik is a U.S. national of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. In 2009, she earned her Bachelor's Degree in English from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She minored in History, and spent a portion of her undergraduate career studying in Florence, Italy at the Santa Reparata International School of Art as well as at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus.

While a student at Rutgers, Ashley began teaching piano to students of various ages and backgrounds. Her experiences teaching have been some of the most rewarding and fulfilling. She looks forward to working towards a universally shared goal of eradicating world hunger.
Ms. Colleen Erin Moore ( USA) is in her senior year at Purchase College in New York  where she is completing her degree in Political Science and International Relations. She will graduate from the college in December 2006 and plans to go for her higher studies in the field of law. During her undergraduate years she has studied language and culture in Spain and El Salvador . Ms. Moore has spent the last four years as an active member of several on-campus organizations that are involved in social and political awareness, such as OPIA and Latinos Unidos. She has recently been accredited to participate in the fiftieth and fifty-first sessions on the Commission on the Status of Women within the UN system. She joins the IIMSAM mission as a youth delegate who intends to develop programs within Latin America that will provide essential access required for sustainable living.
Mr. Giovanni Torres (Dominican Republic/USA) was born on April 20, 1988 in New York City . He went to high school at Mt St Michael Academy and graduated on June 2005. While in High School he was a member of the MSM Choir, Student Council and National Honors Society. Also he was consistently part of the top 10 students in his school. During this time he discovered his passion for the field of Computer Science. To pursue this passion he is currently going to the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Binghamton University, as a Computer Science Major. During his first year of college he took many rigorous courses and earned a 3.47 GPA. In his free time he has volunteered in the New York Public Library Inwood Branch and for Habitat for Humanity. He is known for his cheerful attitude and strong work ethic. Giovanni is now preparing to enter his second year of college and awaits the challenges that lie ahead of him.
Mr. Erik Johannesson (Sweden) is a student at the Swedish University of Halmstad. He was born in 1981 and grew up in Sweden where he graduated from High School. During his junior year, he became an exchange student and attended the San Benito High School in Hollister, California, where he learned about the American Culture. After high school graduation, he did his military service in the Swedish Army Rangers for a year. After graduating from Military Service with honours, he found an urge to go back to school and enrolled himself as a student of Fine Arts and Media, at the University of Skovde. Mr. Johannesson went on to broaden his education and has during the last two and a half years attended the University of Halmstad, where he is majoring in Marketing.  Mr. Johannesson will be writing his final essay on the experience learned during his internship. Hobby: Mr. Johannesson plays soccer/football during his past time.
Mr. Gorjan Lauseger (Sweden) was born on February 23 rd 1984 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1992, he moved to Sweden because of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. He grew up in Norrkoping where he finished his high school. During the time, he was very active in various after school activities such as basketball, theatre etc. After graduation, he took a year off to travel and experience different cultures. Mr. Lauseger had a passion for fashion; he found an interest in the marketing program of Halmstad University, seeing a path into the business through education.  He started his higher studies in 2004 and is now doing his final semester, writing his essay on a different perspective of marketing through his internship. 
Ms. Jonneke Reichert (the Netherlands) is an enthusiastic philanthropic individual who is currently writing her thesis in the field of International Criminal Law. As she finds herself confronted with harsh human rights situations on a daily basis, she is eager to contribute to the improvement of people’s miserable living conditions. After obtaining her LL.B. in Dutch Law from Utrecht University, Jonneke decided to pursue her Master’s degree in International and European Law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Her specific interest in human rights has developed immensely ever since she studied Human Rights Law in Stockholm, Sweden, under the ‘Socrates’ exchange programme. By becoming an interne (at IIMSAM-UN Headquarters this fall) as well as a Permanent Youth Delegate of IIMSAM in the Netherlands, hopefully it will give me an opportunity to assist in striving after the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s). Her participation in various youth conferences has consolidated this desire. In her private life, she is mad about children. In summer she is a staff member for a youth travel organisation, in winter she works as a ski-instructor. Furthermore, she loves traveling and spending time with friends. Jonneke states: “The realization of my own privileged situation makes me want to fully devote myself to create a better life for those who deserve it. I believe IIMSAM will make a difference for many children, women and men. By being part of this Organization, I will hopefully too."
Ms. Courtney Spott is an undergraduate student in International Relations at Baylor University. Her exposure and activities relating to poverty in her university's town of Waco, Texas as well as in many of the nearly 20 countries to which she has traveled have mobilized her to be a voice for the less fortunate. Upon receipt of her BA degree, Courtney plans to attend law school in pursuit of working as a human rights lawyer and advocate.

"For me, improving even one person's life who is in need is worth a lifetime of work. With so much good to be done, and the means of doing it at our fingertips, I am honored to be part of an organization that is taking action. As a youth delegate of IIMSAM, I cherish the opportunity to add my voice to the plethora of young, creative, and novel minds that are needed to perpetuate this trend of innovation toward the betterment of men, women, and children's lives across the globe, so that we may deliver not only hope, but solutions."
Radhika Deva, IIMSAM-Adviser-Sp. Assistant to the Alternate-Representative is a native of India but holds citizenship in the United States. She recently completed her degree from the University of Notre Dame in Political Science and Mandarin. While her academics were focused on East Asian Politics and International Relations, she spent a great deal of her undergraduate career completing service around the world. She would like to use her education and experiences to pursue a vocation in Human Rights Law.

"I want to be a positive force, one of integrity, responsibility, and understanding, in the lives of others. Working in the United Nations has given me yet another opportunity to work toward the realization of our Millennium Development Goals. As a Youth Delegate, I am proudly representing IIMSAM at the 41st Session of CEDAW (Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women). I hope to bring attention to the mutually-dependent relationship of gender equality and poverty."